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Current Issue and Forthcoming Papers

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Volume 47, No. 3
September 2021

Articles (in free access) :
A Researcher’s Guide to the LFS: Its Evolution, and the Choice of Public-Use versus Master Files by Pierre Brochu

Evaluating Foreign Skills: The Effects of Credential Assessment on Skilled Immigrants’ Labour Market Performance by Rupa Banerjee, Feng Hou, Jeffrey G. Reitz and Tingting Zhang

Student Aid Reforms: Those Who Appear in Need Are Not Those Who Need Help by Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant and Hugo Morin

The role of childcare in creating inclusive communities and access for all by Tricia van Rhijn, Kathryn Underwood, Elaine Frankel, Donna S. Lero, Karen Spalding, Magdalena Janus, Martha Friendly and Arlene Haché

Assessing the Removal of Regional Health Authorities in Ontario by Paul Barker

The COVID-19 Pandemic / La pandémie de COVID-19 (open access) :
Does the Profit Motive Matter? COVID-19 Prevention and Management in Ontario Long-term Care Homes by Kristen Pue, Daniel Westlake and Alix J. Jansen

Determinants of Family Stress and Domestic Violence: Lessons from the COVID-19 Outbreak by Louis-Philippe Béland, Abel Brodeur, Joanne Haddad and Derek Mikola

New insights on the energy impacts of telework in Canada by Hannah Villeneuve, Ahmed Abdeen, Maya Papineau, Sharane Simon, Cynthia Cruickshank and William O'Brien

Volume 47, No. 4
December 2021

How did the Canada Child Benefit affect household spending? by Paniz Najjarrezaparast and Krishna Pendakur

Estimating the Economic Impacts of Specific Claims Settlements in Canada: The Case of Little Red River Cree Nation by Omid Mirzaei, David C. Natcher and Eric T. Micheels

What happened to the immigrant satisfaction gap? by Frances Woolley

Une évaluation de l’effet du crédit d’impôt pour la prolongation de carrière sur l’emploi et le taux d’activité des travailleurs de 60 ans et plus au Québec by Jean-Michel Cousineau et Pierre Tircher

The COVID-19 Pandemic / La pandémie de COVID-19 :
Economic Inequality and Covid-19 Death Rates in the First Wave, a Cross-Country Analysis by James B. Davies

The Impact of the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Trade between Canada and the United States by Miguel Cardoso and Brandon Malloy

Accepted Papers Forthcoming in Future Issues

Accounting for the Rising C-section rate in Canada—What are the Roles of Changing Needs, Practices and Incentives? by Michael Baker, Isabelle Maripier, Mark Stabile and Sara Allin

Debt, Financial Vulnerability and Repayment Behavior in Older Canadian Households by Jie Zhou

A Pervasive Economic Fallacy in Assessing the Cost of Public Funds by Marcel Boyer

Encadrement du bruit environnemental au Canada by Josée Laplace, Edda Bild, Christopher Trudeau, Maxime Perna, Thomas Dupont and Catherine Guastavino

Skill Mismatch of Indigenous Peoples in Canada: Findings from PIAAC by Alexander Maslov and Jianwei Zhong

An Empirical Examination of the Effect of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions on Canadians' Cross Border Travel and Canadian Retailers by Jen Baggs, Loretta Fung and Beverly Lapham

Estimating the Effects of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) and Population Mobility on Daily COVID-19 Cases: Evidence from Ontario by Nathaniel T. Stevens, Anindya Sen, Francis Kiwon, Plinio P. Morita and Stefan H. Steiner

Imagining Resilient Courts: From Covid to the Future of Canada's Court System by David Matyas, Peter Wills and Barry Dewitt

Is the Unequal COVID-19 Burden in Canada Due to Unequal Levels of Citizens’ Discipline Across Provinces? by Jean-François Daoust, Éric Bélanger , Ruth Dassonneville , Erick Lachapelle and Richard Nadeau