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Current Issue and Forthcoming Papers

The publication plans listed on this page represent our best guess as to the contents of future issues of the CPP/Adp. The Editors reserve the right to change the contents of any forthcoming issue at their discretion. Similarly, the list of accepted papers is provided for informational purposes only and does not represent an absolute commitment to publish. The Editors reserve the right to withhold from publication any paper on this list if, in their view, circumstances warrant.

Special issue 50th anniversary
First half of 2024

A Half-Century of Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques: Early Ambitions and Evolution with Specific Reference to Income Security Research by Herb Emery and Wayne Simpson

Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Public Policy Research, and Fiscal Federalism in Canada: Bringing Together Economics, Law, and Political Science by Daniel Béland, André Lecours, Vanessa MacDonnell, Peter Oliver, and Trevor Tombe

Policies for Other People: Reflections from an Economist on Research and Federal Policy Regarding Indigenous Nations in Canada Post-1975 by Donn. L. Feir

Reintegrating Money into Monetary Policy by Steve Ambler

Exploring the Landscape of Canadian Climate Policy by Jennifer L. Winter

Will the Increased Investment in Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada Pay Off? It Depends! by Elizabeth Dhuey

(Re)examining the Canadian Health Care System Through the Lenses of Equity Perspectives by Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Emmanuelle Arpin

Paths to Permanence: Permit Categories and Earnings Trajectories of Workers in Canada’s International Mobility Program by Rupa Banerjee and Laura Lam

Volume 50, No. 2
June 2024

Articles :
Revisiting the Canada-U.S. Business Performance Gap: An Integrative Framework for more Effective Policy Responses by Horatio M. Morgan

Les préférences des Québécois envers la redistribution: l’exception canadienne by Axel Déry, Olivier Jacques, and Shannon Dinan

Assessing Labor Market Conditions in Canada with Public-Use Microdata by Etienne Lalé

Commentary / commentaire :
Equity Challenges in Canada's Old Age Security Pension: Income Eligibility and Cost of Living Considerations by Mohammad Hajizadeh, Thiago Ferro, and Michel Grignon

The COVID-19 Pandemic/La pandémie de COVID-19 :
Impacts of COVID-19 on Physician Labour Market Activities by Rabiul Islam and Arthur Sweetman

COVID-19 and the Mental Health of Adolescents in British Columbia by Jane Friesen, Brian Krauth and Brett Wilmer

Forthcoming papers : 

The Great Rise...and then the Great Fall: Toronto Police Service’s Enforcement of the Ontario Safe Streets Act, 2000-2022 by Bill O’Grady and Annie Simpson